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During the tree past years I continued working on a collection of song.

I spent almost a year in Berlin, recording in various places like the Einstürzende Neubauten / Boris Wilsdorf studio 'Andere Baustelle', aswel in abandoned industrial hals as in more or less comfy apartments. 

Back in Antwerp I continued working at a wonderful studio, made available to me by the wonderful Kati Heck and Gregory Brems.

In a later stage I started involving other musicians such as Elko Blijweert, Roos Rebergen, Wim De Busser and many more. This resulted in some final recording sessions in the spring of 2016 .

The three years I worked on this songs where a winding road, a search towards personal liberation and expression.  A search that will hopefully never end, but for now found a momentary harbor in this first EP.

With the release of this EP the road continues . Together with my fellow musicians Wim De Busser, Nicolas Rombouts, Alfredo Bravo and Jeroen Stevens we started working on a live interpretation of these songs. 

I hope you can enjoy a concert in a near future.


As one of the four founding members of DAAU and a twenty-five years history together I am now no longer part of the currently still active band.

But sharing a wonderful past my heart stays with the band, and I will also contribute to their upcoming album.  For more information about DAAU check out the GET LOST page on this site.


I am happy to have found in Wim De Busser a musician with whom I share a love for minimalist stillness and the performative qualities of the average berserker on steroids. We try to meet these requirements ourselves.  

Together we are working on a series of short movies in which we perform ourselves. We explore the possibilities of the combination of performanceart and our compositions, and how these elements influence each other.

Being a member of the  Wim De Busser quartet, notoriously being stuck in Jazzcafé de Muze in Antwerp (we play there every second Monday of the month) we build on an improvisation practice of several years now. You can check out some video-work on the GALLERY section on this site, and of course you're more than welcome to visit a gig at De Muze in Antwerp (members of the quartet may vary...)


To believe is to know you believe, and to know you believe is not to believe.

J.P. Sartre.

Oh No, Freedom is a beginning collaboration between me and my brother Adrian Lenski, the bass player Nicolas Rombouts and the soprano Lies Vandewege.

My goal with this project is to work around musical notation and improvisation and how these can be combined in bigger musical structures.

As a first attempt I wrote a partition for Soprano and a rough score for church organ, cello, synthesizer and bass.  The content is about man who strives towards freedom but once attained freedom is terrorized by the emptiness, struck by the endless possibilities he's facing. 

You can listen to a premature live recording at the St-Joris church in Antwerp here.



On a regular basis I will perform with various artists who invite me.

In the near future I will be playing concerts with LEFT BANK DRIVE (Elko Blijweert, Joris Caluwaerts, Frans Van Isacker), SEVERINE CAYRON aka VALKØ  and others.

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