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Jan Lauwers is making a stage adaptation of Stefan Hertmans’ compelling epic War and Turpentine. 

For some people, no life is long enough to recover from the shock of love, not even if they live to be nearly a hundred.
- Stefan Hertmans 


Simon Lenski appears as a chaplain and cellist. Co-musicians are Alain Franco on piano and George van Dam on violin.

Dates for 2018 are:

March 2018

10 Mar LEUVEN Stadsschouwburg Leuven

11 Mar LEUVEN Stadsschouwburg Leuven

16 Mar SEVILLA Teatro Central

17 Mar SEVILLA Teatro Central


27 Mar BRUSSEL Kaaitheater

28 Mar BRUSSEL Kaaitheater

29 Mar BRUSSEL Kaaitheater

30 Mar BRUSSEL Kaaitheater

May 2018

29 May SÈTE Scène Nationale de Sète et du Bassin de ThauAVANT-PREMIÈRE FR

30 May SÈTE Scène Nationale de Sète et du Bassin de ThauAVANT-PREMIÈRE FR

June 2018

22 June POZNAN Malta Festival Poznan

23 June POZNAN Malta Festival Poznan

28 June MARSEILLE Festival de Marseille PREMIERE

29 June MARSEILLE Festival de Marseille PREMIERE

November 2018

08 Nov BRUGGE Concertgebouw Brugge

10 Nov STROMBEEK CC Strombeek

15 Nov MONS Mars

16 Nov MONS Mars

22 Nov GENT Kunstencentrum Vooruit

23 Nov GENT Kunstencentrum Vooruit

24 Nov GENT Kunstencentrum Vooruit

December 2018

01 Dec AALSTCC De Werf - Aalst


Simon Lenski is joining Selah Sue on an intimistic trio tour  through Europe.

More dates to be confirmed soon!

May 04Jazz à LiègeLiège, Belgium TicketsRSVP

May 09W-FestivalFrankfurt, Germany  RSVP

May 10De VereenigingNijmegen, Netherlands Sold OutRSVP

May 11TivoliVredenburgUtrecht, Netherlands Sold OutRSVP

May 12OosterpoortGroningen, Netherlands  RSVP

May 19Festival Grain de SelCastelsarrasin, France TicketsRSVP

May 24Lisboa Ao VivoLisbon, Portugal  RSVP

May 25Centro de Artes de ÁguedaAveiro, Portugal TicketsRSVP

May 26Hard ClubPorto, Portugal  RSVP

Jun 04Mojo ClubHamburg, Germany TicketsRSVP

Jun 05Festsaal KreuzbergBerlin, Germany  RSVP

Jun 06Werk2Leipzig, Germany  RSVP

Jun 08Den AtelierLuxembourg City, Luxembourg  RSVP


Jun 23La Bonne AventureDunkerque, France FreeRSVP

Jun 29Couleur CaféBrussels, Belgium TicketsRSVP

Jun 30Jazz à VienneVienne, France TicketsRSVP

Jul 01Chemin des Deux RivièresLa FertÉ Sous Jouarre, France TicketsRSVP

Jul 05Cognac Blues PassionsCognac, France TicketsRSVP

Jul 07Saveurs Jazz Festival 2018Segré-En-Anjou Bleu, France  RSVP

Jul 08Gent Jazz FestivalGhent, Belgium TicketsRSVP

Jul 11Dour FestivalDour, Belgium TicketsRSVP

Jul 15North Sea JazzRotterdam, Netherlands  RSVP

Jul 20Marseille Jazz des 5 continentsMarseille, France  RSVP

Jul 23Campo SantoPerpignan, France TicketsRSVP

Jul 26Zelt-Musik-Festival SpiegelzeltFreiburg, Germany TicketsRSVP

Jul 28Festival des Enfants du JazzBarcelonnette, France TicketsRSVP

Aug 03Jazz en Baie 2018Granville, France  RSVP

Aug 04DranouterDranouter, Belgium TicketsRSVP

Aug 05Jazz au PhareFrance, France  RSVP

Aug 08OLT RivierenhofAntwerp, Belgium TicketsRSVP

Aug 09Jazz in MarciacMarciac, France TicketsRSVP

Sep 30Way Back When FestivalDortmund, Germany TicketsRSVP

In preparation for the release of the full album, here's an EP, called OH CITY, containing five songs.

On a rainy day in November 2012  I crossed the Groenplaats in Antwerp and had one of those regrettably seldom epiphanies: I suddenly decided which things I had to focus on in the future.  One of those things was to create a collection of songs.  

My initial idea for these songs was to create an independent platform in which I could express and share what was haunting me at the time... and at any given time in the future.  I would write and I would sing whenever I had the chance. 

During the following years I continued working on sketches for these songs.  I stayed In Berlin for  almost a year, recording in various places like an atelier in an industrial hal,  Boris Wilsdorf’ studio 'Andere Baustelle',  as well as in my more or less comfy apartment over there. 

Later, back in Antwerp, I continued working at a wonderful studio, made available to me by Kati Heck and Gregory Brems. They are, and I have the luck to always again stumble upon this kind, the most generous people who would offer me their support.  

After this period of solitary work, it was a sheer joy to start sharing the music with musicians who would interpret the songs.

Of the above  generous people, these are the most extraordinary to me.

I had the luck to work with extremely talented musicians.  

Unreservedly, they gave away the most precious gift they posses.  

A subtle knowledge of communication, harmony, trust, disharmony and the unthinkable.

It is often a windy road I  walk, a search towards personal liberation and expression.  A search that will hopefully never end, but for now, has found a momentary harbour in this first EP.

A selection of five songs from the material I have gathered so far.

By buying the EP from iTunes you directly support an independent artist and you help developing this project.

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